Tourism in Philippine


Philippines, the exceptionally beautiful archipelago nation in Southeast Asia, is blessed with a abundance of natural resources, a rich history, and unique culture. , is one of the most enchanting tourist’s destinations in the world. Famous for its enchantingly beautiful islands, rolling green mountains, exotic beaches, amazing volcanoes, world-class diving spots and unique wildlife among many more attractions, the Philippines is a wonderful travel destination to be in. As one of the most visited tourist destination of the world Travel to Philippines to discover this enchanting island paradise, which never fails to mesmerize its visitors.


With a coastline twice the length of that of the United States, the Philippines can claim to the Asia’s Beach capital. Enjoy the warm crystal blue waters of both the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Long white sand Baeaches, an immense variety of marine life, rare and exotic sea flora and fauna. Even the tropical party lifrstyle are all in abundance more than a rarity in this country. Philippines has some of the finest beaches in the world including the famous White Beach on Boracay Island, which is regarded as the most beautiful tropical beach in the world. Cebu, the second most famous city of the Philippines after the capital Manila, has some of the finest diving spots in the world, making it a paradise for adventure seekers. The islands of Panglao, Balicasag and Pamilacan in Bohol also have some of the best diving spots in the world. Bohol also has some of the loveliest beaches of Philippines including the famous Alona Beach at Panglao


Spain’s colonization of Philippines brought about the construction of Inamuros in 1571 a “Walled City” comprised of European building and churches. It is one of the world’s best preserved medieval cities, replicated in different parts o the archipelago. Walk through this walled Spanish colonial “ city within a city,” situyated right in the heart of Manila, complete with centuries old walls, dungeons, churches bulwarks and plazas.

Sports Tourism

With most praised beauty of beaches Philippine has been gifted with beautiful landscapes from mountains, caves, terrains. If you ever dreamt to flying, Philippines is a great place to realize it. Skydiving, ultra light aircraft, hot air balloons will make you fly. Green land, beautiful mountains and blue seas of island make a spectacular sight. Board Sailing in tropical seas and consistent winds, 7,107 island offering every conceivable variety of tropical seascape for Sea Kayaking, Baler and Infanta in Quezon, and Daet in Camarines Norte offer a more adventurous experience, with longer and bigger waves for surfing, For surfer seeking the extreme edge the wild coast is the place to be.

Wild lifes

Bohol is home to the Tarsier, midget monkey of the Philippines and the smallest monkey in the world. Situated near the foot of the Mayon Volcano, Albay Park and Wildlife boasts of of 347 animals belonging to 75 species. Crocodile Park in Ma-a is the habitat of crocodiles as well as various breeds of birds, from the Philippine sea eagle to kakatoe and Indonesian parrots
The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park teems with 300 coral species, 46 coral genera, 7 seagrass species, 71 algae species; large marine life, dolphins, marine turtles; and seabirds. It was honored by UNESCO as the First Natural Site in the Philippines to be inscribed in the prestigious World Heritage ListOlango Island, “The Bird Island of Central Philippines,” is a critical stopover of up to 50,000 migrating water birds flying the East Asian migratory flyway yearly. Pacem Eco-Park along Sumulong Highway, Assumption is a haven of over 80 of the country’s 1,600 species of butterflies and a number of native and foreign birds such as mynahs, owls, eagles, and parrots.
Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center in Quezon Avenue boasts of about 38 species of trees and shrubs, representing 2,443 trees commonly found in Philippine forests. More than just a haven for butterflies, Pacem Eco-Park houses various lumber trees, fruit trees, orchids, and flowering plants.

Time Zone and Currency:

GMT + 8 hours. Check out the Philippine Standard Time
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Unit of currency: Peso (P) = 100 centavos. Bank notes: P10, P20, P50, P100, P200, P500 and P1,000. Coins: 5c, 10c, 25c, P1, P5, P10.


The Philippine is not only for the sun, sea and sand lovers. For natural lovers there is Mountian Climbing  and Rock Climbing. Experiencing the spectular sceneries and Exploring the ultimate thrill of caving will be  memorable moments of Philippines. Mountain Biking has also been rapidly growing sports here.
The Philippine is a golfers paradise. The countey boasts of challenging golf courses, some of which were designed by world- class course architects in the likes of Robert Trent Jones Jr and Gary Player
More and more people are discovering that Philippines is Asia’s Most expensive shopping destinations where you can get the most value for your money. Manila’s night life, which is one of the most exciting in Asia, reflects the Filipino love for music lounges, pubs and cafes. Manila’s entertainment areas are renowned for cosmopolitan and trendy restrurants serving every imaginable style of cusine.