Vijaya Academy of Health and Science will be a premier institute in the field of health education. VAHS plans to revolutionize nursing education in the Nepal. Its graduates will be better prepared educationally than ever before.

VAHS courses will be designed to meet the changing health-care environment, and the greater complexity of the nurse's role in the provision of health care. The courses aim to develop advanced nursing specialties. In addition to general nursing capabilities, areas of focus will include management, education, health promotion, research and a variety of clinical specialties.

In addition to prescribed courses by Nepal Nursing Council, VAHS will offer courses commensurate with international colleges. It will have tie-ups with Nursing Schools in Philippines and Australia. The course content will facilitate the development of expertise in health care and health management principles and practices that can be utilized across any health care environment.

Students will be provided with opportunities to expand their knowledge base, to increase their understanding of international health, and to gain expertise and experience allowing them to practice as advanced health professionals on a worldwide basis.

In the initial stages, the Academy will offer a three-year Proficiency Certificate Level (Undergraduate) Course in Nursing. In future, VAHS will offer four-year Bachelor in Nursing Degree.

VAHS will place special emphasis on placement of its graduates. There will be various opportunities available for graduates of VAHS to influence the health of people through their roles as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, home care clinicians, managers and administrators, health educators, acute and long term care clinicians.

Due to its international course contents, facilities and training, it is expected that the graduates will be able to pursue national as well as international careers. VAHS will build relationship with international network of nursing councils and medical practitioners and through these, will help get its graduates get work at home and abroad.

The College will be located at Biratnagar in Eastern Nepal where a state-of-the-art hospital is coming up to cater to the poor. About 100 nurses will graduate from the Institute every year.