Corporation Philosophy

Serving, Caring, Growing

VOITH believes that business should be based on the principles of integrity, sound management, and sound return of value to the customer, and not merely the pursuit of profilt.

Serving, Caring and Growing with one aim and one goal is what this organisation is all about. Customer satisfaction is our objective, and all staff members are asked to contemplate on their own how best to achieve this. It is a challenging job, but one that can be overcome through integrity and the pursuit of our objective. This calls for a spirit of faithfulness in the heart, sincerity in action and attaining results through the trust of our customers.

Through the kind of business activities we promote, we envision a Nepal that will one day be economically prosperous, socially advanced, politically integrated and spiritually dynamic.

Corporation Profile
Little Things We Do

VOITH is one of the most dynamic business houses in Nepal and is dedicated to integrity, excellence and leadership.


Upcoming Projects
Vijaya Academy of Health & Science

Vijaya Academy of Health & Science(in affiliation with universities from Australia and Philippines) is scheduled to begin four-year Bachelor level.


A Board of Directors

A Board of Directors, headed by its Chairman Late Vijay G. Vaidya, sets the overall policy and management guidance to each of the divisions.