Corporation Profile

Serving, Caring, Growing

 VOITH or Vaidya's Organization of Industries & Trading Houses, is one of the most dynamic business houses in Nepal and is dedicated to integrity, excellence and leadership. It represents a wide range of integrated trading houses, industrial enterprises, services, consturction activities and educational academies.

VOITH is committed to the development of the country in its entirety and, therefore, supports those business activities that help shape the future of Nepal. The organisation has been given priority to industries that contribute greatly to the social upliftment of the Nepali people. Hence, labour-intensive, agro-based industries are VOITH's priority as we are convinced that such undertakings help raise the living standard of Nepal's poorest people, the bulk of whom are farmers.

The VOITH organisation today employs more than 7,000 people and prides itself in its staff who represent some of the best managerial potential in the country.

A Board of Directors

A Board of Directors, headed by its Chairman Late Vijay G. Vaidya, sets the overall policy and management guidance to each of the divisions.


Upcoming Projects
Vijaya Academy of Health & Science

Vijaya Academy of Health & Science(in affiliation with universities from Australia and Philippines) is scheduled to begin four-year Bachelor level.