Despite of being Naturally gifted country with many brilliant minds, Nepal is not able to develop and prosper into its full capacity and potentiality.

One of the major reason that has played a vital role for placing Nepal among 20 poorest countries is the education system. Nepal has been following 200 years old education system, which is Lecture Based Learning (LBL). Nepal is not able to adopt to better education system like Practice Based Learning, Out-come Based Learning, Problem Based Learning and so on. The reason itself could be lack of updated knowledge. Few colleges have tried, and are showing very positive feedbacks, but they are limited to 1 or 2 high schools and to only few non-technical colleges. The bigger irony is that these high schools and colleges are compelled to charge very high tuition fee due to international affiliation issues. And due to cost management, Nepal is not able to adopt better education system in technical colleges.

The prime purpose of establishing Educate and Develop Pvt. Ltd., is to bring revolution in education system for Nepalese population. It will try and solve the issue through possible resources undergoing the following plan:

Establishing an Autonomous University, initially focusing on:

  • Medical College
  • Dental College
  • Nursing College
  • Engineering College
  •  School Of Climate Change
  •  School of Hydropower
  •  School of Agriculture Science
  •  School for Environmental and Natural Science
  •  School of Information Technology
  •  School of Civil and Architecture Management College
  • College for International Hospitality Management (Hotel and Restaurant management)
  • High School (Kindergarten to 12)
  • Training Academy       

Where anyone seeking training with technical or non-technical matters are trained directly or through online source by Experts around the world. For example if a doctor is not confident with regards to his case, he can join and discuss the case or get trained by experts around the globe. Or if someone wants a training that is directly related to Nepalese culture, like dance, crafting, drawings etc, will get a training through this academy.