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ServingMinds Pvt. Ltd.

Keeping in pace with the rapid Technological Growth around the world, VOITH has recognized the need for converging the worlds of Internet and Telephony by the way of establishing a state-of-the-art contact center - “ServingMinds”.

ServingMinds Pvt Ltd, a joint venture with Mercantile Group, is one of the first of multi-media international Contact Centers in Asia. Operating out of Kathmandu, Nepal since 2001, it offers inbound and outbound voice services for the purpose of sales and marketing, market research and analysis, and database development. It also provides an array of Internet support services.

ServingMinds will be yet another big step towards shrinking the world through high power of technology in the field of communication. ServingMinds can help any business improve service level and market-share, reduce costs and boost revenues as well as enhance customer loyalty.

ServingMinds is the single largest private sector employer of IT graduates.

Lumbini Insurance Company

Lumbini Insurance Company has been promoted by VOITH with other investors. It provides furse insurance, accident insurance, life insurance and health insurance, among others.