A joint venture with China’s Liaoning Wellhope Agritech company, it is Nepal’s largest feed industry. It started commercial production in July 2007 even before its formal inauguration on November 13, 2007 by Vijay G. Vaidya, Chairman of VOITH, and Weidong Jin, Chairman of the Chinese firm. The modern plant produces 60 tons of high quality feed for broiler and layer chickens as well as for ducks and pigs.

Farmers maintain that poultry tends to grow twice as fast with the feed produced by this industry compared to others. As a result, farmers in increasing numbers are being attracted to poultry farming after seeing their income increase very fast. In just 45 days, a chicken weighs 2.5 kilos, which is not possible even in two months with other feeds. Since the industry is unable to meet the demand of the farmers, it is looking forward to adding more machinery to increase production to 200-250 tons a day.

The industry is being managed by a joint team headed by Executive Director of VOITH Suresh Vaidya. The Chinese team has shown great satisfaction with its collaboration with VOITH.

Vaidya had been on a tour of Japan, China and the Philippines in the last few years to study how the poultry industry could be developed. He came to the conclusion that a feed industry was a pre-requisite for a strong base in this business. Vaidya has certain reasons and convictions for entering the poultry industry in a big way.

Vaidya is thinking of setting up similar feed plants in other parts of the country as many farmers have been attracted to raising poultry in a relatively short period of time. VOITH intends to set up manufacturing units in Biratnagar, Pokhara, Kathmandu and some places in w est Nepal soon.

Very shortly, a broiler and layer poultry farm is coming up in Biratnagar in southeastern Nepal. Also the country's largest industry producing chicks of different varieties is coming up to supply chicks that are cheap and bring high returns to farmers.