Guranse Tea Estate Pvt Ltd is one of the subsidiary industries of the Vaidya's Organization of Industries and Trading House (VOITH). For over four decades, VOITH remains at the forefront of the country's private sector development; well known for its commitment to quality, excellence and professionalism. At Guranse Tea Estate, VOITH taps Nepal's nature's best - poised to make a difference to the quality of our consumer's lifestyle in the millennium.

Sprawled over an area of 200 hectares in Dhankuta, Hile, Guranse Tea Estate garden abounds with spectacular natural beauty. It offers rich, virgin alluvial soil, lush green forests that are home to unique species of flora, and towering mountain ranges with its grace and symmetry framed against a backdrop of a clear azure sky.

Guranse Tea's guiding principle in its operation is total satisfaction of tea lovers.Thus, only high quality, pure, fresh tea leaves are selected and processed at its factory which incorporates the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Enthroned amidst gently rolling hills stretching up to the snow-capped peaks and trailing down to crystal clear, running mountain streams, nothing but the best is produced here. Guranse Tea adds another dimension to technology, in which science harmoniously blends with nature.

Because Guranse Tea aims at producing only the finest high grown orthodox tea, its scientific method of cultivation is totally bio-organic.

All teas are packed in wooden chest box with net kg from 35 to 40.  Tea of small quantities are also available upon request.