Agri Breeders Pvt Ltd is a VOITH owned company operating at Biratnagar, Nepal. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to breed and produce high quality agricultural produce. It also operates other integrated farms including self production and export of its own and local farmers’ agriculture produce.


Agriculture and applied technology should be in a way which shall help this nation achieve basic needs.


To produce quality agriculture products and high economic value and fulfill basic need to the nation;
To use well applied technology in agriculture;
To build well partnership between farmers through spirit of family solidarity; and,
To open more jobs and opportunities in business and to distribute some of the profit to the well being of employees, social activities and consumers.

Agri Breeders is located 5 kilometers north of Biratnagar City. Agri Farm comprises of 30 hectors of land. This abundant open agricultural land avails for agriculture, nursery development, poultry, fishery, hot houses and fruits and vegetable drying operations. The land of `Agri Farms' is surrounded by Class I and II soils - the most productive soils in Biratnagar region. The primary water supply for agriculture is ground water.

Over five hectors of land is used for fishery. Office complex comprises of hatcheries, factories, breeding facilities, offices and accommodation complex for employees, which occupies two and half hectors of land. One and half hectors of land is used by Children's Park which goes through continues development and renovation to capture traditional as well as modern arts. Over five hectors of land is dedicated to the investigation, development and experimental production of fruits and vegetables as well as training programs.

Biratnagar is home to a large number of agricultural industries of Nepal. Agri Breeders (P) Ltd remains the foremost leading agriculture enterprise in Biratnagar providing employment opportunities to more than 75 personnel in the factory alone.

Quality Maintenance

Our products pass through quality inspections at every stage before they reach to final consumers. Every effort is made to ensure that only the finest products leave our factory. We maintain a proper quality control systems from breeding to producing to packaging process. We offer a complete and versatile selection of agriculture and poultry products for today's lifestyle which demand the best-nutritious, easy-to-prepare, and affordable.

The Company was established some 10 years back with a single objective in mind: to produce fish products for Biratnagar region. Today, after 10 years of exemplary performance and innovations, it has captured the imagination of 'expansion of integrated farming through applied science and technology'.

The current business operations of Agri Breeders (P) Ltd:

Vegetables and Fruits

Growers and Exporters of onion, tomato, cucumber, melon, Serrano, habanero, jalapeno peppers, broccoli, carrots, onions, potatoes, swedes, kabocha, squash, seed potatoes, beans, corn, cauliflower, parsnips, pumpkin, zucchini.

Live Stock

Goat, chicken and turkey.


Fish, Chicken, Duck, and Turkey


Fresh or frozen boneless, skinless, and in custom-sized packages.


Our fertilizer compost and liquid product are made from the manure of live stocks. We follow the traditional process of making organic fertilizer, which is used in our farms and also sold to numerous organic growers such as to Tea Estates in Dhankuta and Ilam.